Michael Anthony's

Hair Salon

Get a Designer Look and a Designer Style

Without the Designer Prices.


    Owner/Stylist  Michael                  Established 1998


Established 1996 
  Michael opened up his first salon on the strength of a beauty license and strong people skills.  The salon today is an extension of himself, where people are not only clients, but become friends with staff to create a comfortable, relaxed "home" feel to a professional salon experience. 

  In July 2021, the salon was recreated and moved to 1790 Partington, Michael's home location. 


Extensive renovations were made to recreate a professional salon in a beautiful home setting. 

The humble surroundings and complimentary espresso coffee and beverages are only a start.


The staff of Samantha and Michael invite you to the new location !!!!

          Stylist  Samantha                  Established 2010